Behavioral Guidance Policy

At Melodies Preschool, we seek first to understand kids’ personalities and dig for the reason behind their misbehavior. We believe that a negative attitude is not always caused by the child’s behavioral issues, but it is – most of the time – due to frustration. That is why, we have to be patient to know the real cause behind the misbehavior. There are many reasons that might cause frustration to a child, sometimes the cause of frustration is a communication problem, the arrival of a new sibling at home, or a general attention problem. All these causes, among many others, might result in a bit of aggression or disobedience.

Melodies preschool strives to teach and guide our children to behave with self-control and be responsible for their actions. We understand that behavior is also a learning process and that there will be times when children make mistakes. We know that preschool children need adults to set limits for them. Each classroom establishes these limits by discussing classroom rules in circle time. When situations arise in the classroom or at the gym, where children are struggling with following rules, teachers intervene with patience and positive reinforcement techniques rather than punishment. If patterns of misbehavior begin to develop, teachers will give the child special attention, and might contact parents to set up a plan to positively support the child.

The following use of punishment is totally prohibited from the program:

  • Any form of physical punishment, verbal or physical degradation or emotional deprivation
  • Deny or threaten to deny any basic necessity
  • Use or permit the use of any form of physical restraint, confinement or isolation
  • The use of physical restraint in the classroom is not permitted, except in instances when the child is at immediate risk of injuring him/herself or others

Off-Site Activity

Children must have a signed parent/guardian permission form to participate in each off-site activity or field trip.

  • Parents will be notified of the off-site activity or field trip details.
  • A written permission must be obtained for each off-site activity or field trip a child attends.
  • If a written permission is not signed; or the parent does not want the child to attend the off-site activity or field trip; the child will not be able to attend the program for this time period.
  • Parents will have to drive their children to the field trip destination.
  • Adequate adult supervision must be provided, at a ratio of at least one adult per five children.  Program staff will request parent volunteers for off-site activities or field trips.


For the protection of all children, parents are advised to keep their child at home if he/she is sick. They are requested to let us know if their child has a communicable disease or virus such as strep throat, pink eye, or lice so that we can take preventative measures against spreading. If the child has had a rash or infectious disease he/she should be completely recovered before returning to school.

If a child suddenly becomes sick at preschool with Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sudden rash, yellowish skin or eyes, heavy cough, rapid breathing or pink eye, parents will be contacted to come pick up their child within an hour for the safety of the child, and so as not to spread the virus to other children. During that time, the child will be isolated (play in a safe area) with a teacher until his/or her parents arrive.


Generally, medication will not be dispensed at preschool. There are two exceptions to this policy. The first exception is when there is an emergency situation. Staff members have been trained on CPR & First Aid for such emergencies and are authorized to provide first aid; however, parents will be asked before taking any action. The second exception is when there is a specific timing for an essential medication for a child in the middle of the class time, where parents will be required to sign a consent form that they want us to give medication to their child. Thus, medication should be given to the teacher in its original container and it will be administered according to the labeled directions. The medication will be kept with the teacher (or in the fridge if needed) away from other children’s reach and will be given to the child on time.

The teacher will then write down on a special medication form the name of the medication, time administered, the amount administered and the initials of the person who administered the medication. And these records should be kept in the child’s report.


Melodies Preschool is a nuts and chocolate free environment. Each child will bring his preschool lunch box that will be filled at home with a healthy snack. If the preschool will provide kids with a snack during parties or special days, it will be a packed snack with safe ingredients. Also, if parents wish to bring a cake for their son/daughter’s birthday, same conditions apply and parents are advised that ingredients of the cake should be labeled on the cake box to avoid any danger.

Potty Training

We usually accept children who are not fully potty trained yet, as long as they are in process.


Parents must provide one month’s notice (on the 1st day of the month) to the office for withdrawal of a child from Melodies Preschool. When proper notice is given on the 1st day of the month the next month’s fee will be completely refunded, otherwise you will forfeit one month payment.