Melodies Preschool is both, a part-time and a full-time child care facility that cares for preschoolers ages three to six. Our mission is to provide a different style of Early Childhood Education that is not only focused on a strong balanced program, but is also concerned with the quality of learning children receive. We give children a real fun time along with a better learning experience.

Our main priority at Melodies Preschool is FUN. And while we have fun, we address each of kids’ developmental needs separately and collaboratively:

1. Physical Needs: Melodies Preschool program has a special time of each session allocated for physical activity and organized active play. There is a GYM Room and an Outdoor Play-Ground in the facility that are equipped with safe toys, where kids are able to play various active games and dance. We also focus on training children on the basics of some popular sports, like: Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Badminton.













2. Social Needs: We believe that Preschool is a great place for children to socialize with other kids and with grown ups as well. Melodies’ program focuses on teaching preschoolers some essential social skills that will be used later on at school and anywhere they go. Apart from the day to day interactions, Melodies focuses on teaching children:

    • How to be nice to each other
    • The proper way of asking for something or asking to play with someone
    • Sharing toys without conflict
    • Knowing their rights and being able to communicate
    • How to act and react during conflict
    • Speaking up for themselves
    • How to introduce themselves and make new friends
    • Many other social skills that need some guidance from parents and teachers together

By practicing and learning those social skills, children will find it easier to merge in society, have better self-images and higher self confidence.

3. Intellectual Needs: Preschoolers are usually very curious, they want to know everything that goes on around them. Of course everything we do in class is through “PLAY”, but as we play, we help our children acquire some good knowledge about different aspects of life, primarily by answering all their questions, and further, by having a special themed curriculum – built on play – that has some set goals classified by age group:

Learning Targets For 3 Year Old Learning Targets for 4 Year old
Know all colors Know about Color Mixing
Know all animals Know where animals live
Know letters & numbers (read only) Know letters & numbers (read and write)
Recognizing their name Writing their name
Getting introduced to different musical instruments Being able to sing and dance on the beat – and use some percussion instruments
Learning to gently play with each other and share toys Learning how to ask for things and how to make new friends
Acquiring some fine motor skills (Drawing, Painting & using scissors) Acquiring some fine motor skills (writing, using scissors and colouring inside the line)
Acquiring some gross motor skills (Physical activity and organized games) Knowing the basics of some popular sports (like Soccer, Hockey, Tennis and Basket ball)
Learning about acting through pretend play Having small in-class acting performances
Loving books and enjoying story time Holding books and Telling stories

4. Creative Needs: Melodies preschool believes that the source of all creativity is Art. Being exposed to different forms of art will help teachers detect some talents in kids, share them with their parents, and encourage them to work on developing those talents. We have a special time dedicated to practicing different forms of arts during class time, like Pretending time (acting), Singing and Dancing time (music), and Drawing, Coloring and Craft time. We are so proud to have a full time Music Teacher and a full time Art teacher beside the class teacher to be able to provide our children with specialized help. The ultimate goal of combining those arts together is helping kids boost their imagination and think beyond what they can see with their eyes. And because we believe in the effect of live music on children’s moods and creativity, we placed a piano and a guitar in each class, along with some percussion instruments that are used on daily basis.

5. Emotional Needs: Children are very sensitive; they should be handled in a special way. Melodies preschool believes that there is nothing as an easy child and a difficult child. All kids are special and unique and each child has his/her own traits, strengths, capabilities, fears and limitations. That is why, our program has a special focus on kids’ characters. We appreciate all our children’s different characters and treat each child with respect and understanding. When it comes to class rules, it is our role as teachers to sort out what really motivates kids to follow the rules and use different positive reinforcement and encouragement techniques to help them bring out their best qualities. Our program is meant to create harmony between the extremely shy child and the most energetic outgoing child, let them sit in the same station, play together, chat and share the same experience.

6. Independence: In addition to the five basic learning needs, Melodies Preschool has a special program that focuses on teaching children how to be independent and to go beyond their limits. We believe that while it is true that children come to preschool to learn, play and socialize, yet they need one-on-one coaching on some special skills, which might develop later on to be great talents. They need to learn the “concept” behind everything to be able to excel in it. That is why, we give each child a special one-on-one child-teacher time where he/she is able to learn some skills quicker than learning it within groups.

Examples of those skills:

    • Tying their shoe laces
    • Wearing Jackets and shoes on their own
    • Coloring inside the line
    • Basics of drawing
    • Doing crafts
    • Writing their names
    • Creating pieces of jewelry
    • Playing with some toys that need guidance (like Lego, construction sets and Marble sets)
    • Making responsible choices in general

7. Field-trips & In-Class Visits: We arrange around 6 field-trips per school year to lots of fun places. Children love field-trips and it always leaves special memories with them. We also get frequent in-class visits from special visitors who give us lots of nice sessions in relation to our monthly themes.

8. Partnerships: We are partners with:

  1. I’m for Kids
  2. Musical Minds

I’m for Kids work closely with us on child development services of all kinds. I’m for Kids do a special assessment twice a year, in Fall and Spring, to check for any kinds of help children might need compared to peers of their same age. The team is specialized in: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Psychological Therapy. Both Parents and Teachers share their concerns – if any – and we start working on them together proactively inside our classes. The cost of all Screenings, Assessments, Program Support Assistants, and Home Sessions provided to our kids are totally covered by the Government of Alberta. We have seen lots of growth with the amazing team.

Musical Minds is a music program that teaches kids how to improve their musical ear, it teaches them how to sing and use percussion instruments to follow the beat. It also familiarize kids with different kinds of musical instruments.

We’re so proud with our partnerships and we see lots of growth every day having this kind of specialized assistance

Our classes are a mixture of 3 and 4-year-olds with an even distribution. Mixing of those ages has proven to have many social, developmental and psychological benefits, as younger children learn to expand their skills when they watch their older peers play, they develop faster and build up a sense of competition, in a good way that makes them thrive. On the other hand, older children acquire the seeds of responsibility and learn how to socialize with their younger peers with love and patience. They also learn new skills by learning to explain everything to their younger peers, which makes them feel competent and are eager to excel in whatever they do. Our whole program is age specific for 4 year olds.