Awards and Recognitions:

Top 3 Best Preschools in Airdrie, AB – ThreeBestRated

#1 Most Popular Kids Activity in Calgary in 2018 – CanadianKidsActivities

Registration for school year 2019/2020 is now open

Our preschool has two locations, one in North East Calgary and one in Airdrie, please indicate your location of choice when contacting our office for information

Tours are available by appointment

Our Philosophy:

Children are precious jewels who need continuous care and nurturing to glow. Scientists have been trying to study different educational patterns and behavioral concepts to classify children, yet kids manage to astonish them in many ways, proving that every child is unique and has his/her personal set of talents and capabilities. Our role as a preschool is to detect your child’s potentials from the early beginning, help them recognize their special talents and work on boosting those talents by addressing their physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional needs simultaneously. Following a comprehensive curriculum, with the aid of live music, Melodies is sure to bring the best out of your kids and let them be the best they can be.