For your convenience, our most common parent questions are answered right here.

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Q: Do you accept children who are not potty trained?

A: Yes we do, we are licensed to change for children at our preschool.

Q: Do you accept children below the age of 3?

A: This depends on the class ratio. Every year we have a small ratio of children approaching the age of 3.

Q: Is the preschool licensed?

A: Yes, Melodies Preschool is licensed by the Government of Alberta Human Services, Childcare department and it passed all health and safety inspections.

Q: Do you provide transportation?

A: No, we do not provide transportation.

Q: Do you provide meals for children?

A: No, we do not provide meals at preschool. we provide children with their own snack bag and snack box, while parents are advised to fill it with a healthy snack every class that is Nut free.

Q: Are you members of any subsidy programs?

A: Yes, we are members of all Alberta Childcare subsidy programs.

Q: What if I am late to my child’s pick up?

A: Parents are expected to pick up their children by the time the class ends. It is okay if parents get stuck in traffic and are late once or twice for 5 or 10 minutes, but if parents are constantly late, they will be charged a late fee of $10 per half an hour.

Q: What does a preschool class time look like?

A: As children are very active, we focus on having their undivided attention to each section of the class by dividing the class time into different sections as follows:

  • Coming into class, and free play in various play centres (1 hour)
  • Clean up time (10 minutes)
  • Attendance, Hello song and Circle Time (20 minutes)
  • Art time (drawing, painting, craft, using scissors etc…) (15 minutes)
  • Learning time (learning about colours, shapes, numbers, alphabets, and writing) (15 minutes)
  • Washing hands and Snack time (25 minutes)
  • Activity time (organized active play at the Gym or dancing classes) (20 minutes)
  • Story, experiment or movie time (10 minutes)
  • Good bye song and getting ready to go home (Where children learn how to put on their jackets on on their own and pick up their school bags and line up at the door) (5 minutes)

Those class sections do not usually go with the same sequence, and they always follow the monthly class educational theme (i.e. the song, story, movie, craft or game are always about the greater monthly theme we are holding that is usually discussed during circle time)

Q: What is the class child to teacher ratio?

A: Each class above 7 children has a minimum of two teachers, and our teacher to child ratio is usually 1:8

Q: Can parents attend classes with their children?

A: Children are encouraged to get used to being separated from their parents during class time, we have a special way of dealing with separation anxiety and we do not ask parents to attend with their children if they cry, but in some cases where the child is experiencing severe separation anxiety or needs emotional help and support or physical aid from parents, we welcome parents to attend the class according to their preference.

Q: What calendar do you follow for school vacations? And is there a make up class for lost days (Like PD days for example)?

A: Like most preschools, we follow the Rocky View public school calendar. To make it fair for parents,  a quarter of each month’s preschool fees has already been deducted because some months have a whole week off. We do not do make up days because our classes cannot accommodate large numbers of extra kids.